Arago Law attorneys prevail in lawsuit against abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.

On 04 Feb 10:01 AM

In litigation pending since 2014, Arago Law attorneys Maureen Arago and Keith Arago, along with co-counsel, prevailed against national abortion provider Planned Parenthood’s local affiliate. Planned Parenthood’s local affiliate had been brazenly violating community restrictions against businesses providing surgical services within the local Kissimmee office complex it had been operating, unless those services had been approved by the local hospital or were otherwise “ancillary and incidental” to the physicians’ practice of medicine. Planned Parenthood did not receive approval, and Planned Parenthood’s physicians’ practices were primarily focused on abortions. Nonetheless, Planned Parenthood decided to provide surgical abortion services in violation of those restrictions. After local businesses discovered Planned Parenthood’s activities, Arago Law was retained and legal action ensued. Planned Parenthood defended against the lawsuit for a number of years, but after discovery revealed Planned Parenthood’s defenses to be meritless, and on the eve of a trial that would reveal the same to be so, Planned Parenthood agreed to a permanent injunction against its lucrative surgical abortion business in Kissimmee.

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